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Ajax Widgets

Ajax and away!

The widgets in this section use Ajax - asynchronous JavaScript and Xml - to perform data retrieval, speeding up web page response times. This is particularly useful when your set of data is very large.

Like the widgets in the Javascript section, these make use of Mike Foster's X library to get around browser inconsistencies.

The core of the functionality lies in the ylib.util.ContentLoader function, which encapsulates the Ajax request. This in turn has been modelled on solutions found in Ajax in Action, which is on our recommendations list.

Confession: The widgets prefer to use data in JSON JavaScript format instead of Xml, to save on the overhead of converting Xml data to JavaScript objects. So our Ajax is really Aja. But Ajax sounds better.

What to expect

This section showcases object-oriented Ajax solutions to common web problems.

Feel free to use these in your own applications, subject to this site's Terms and Conditions.

For more on Javascript in general, see the Javascript section.