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ASP .NET - Active Server Pages

Dot what?

Not to be outdone, Microsoft quickly took notes from Sun's Java, and then some, and created the .NET framework 1.0, running its own little virtual machine, and pushing its own Object-Oriented flagship language, C#. Thus, another evolutionary step for the software giant.

Perhaps a little too quickly, as it turned out. Soon enough, and as expected, out popped version 1.1, which didn't quite see eye to eye with version 1.0.

The good news is that 2.0 does more adding than subtracting, often requiring a mere recompile to get 1.1 code to play ball with the new framework.

And for ASP 2.0, that means loads of handy new controls and classes, often doing away with the need for third party components.

What to expect

This section covers a few starter topics in ASP .NET that we have encountered - some introductory material we would have found useful a while back!

Content focuses on 2.0 but may be relevant to 1.1 as well.

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