Savings tips

Save on car insurance in one click

Linked to peace-of-mind, insurance is also a hole in the pocket. Why pay more insurance than absolutely necessary?

Keep more of your hard-earned cash with these one click tips:

Shop around

Rates differ drastically between insurance companies. Saving 15% on your car insurance can be as easy as an extra telephone call.

Too much trouble? Let the internet do the work for you! Use online comparison tools to find the lowest premium. Savings are one click away.

Caution! Make sure the cheaper rate provides the coverage you need.

Shop often

Re-evaluate your coverage at least once a year. Your age, driving record and habits and many other factors change over time and influence premiums.

Buy in bulk

Buy insurance for longer periods - by the year and not monthly. Purchase car and household insurance from the same company if the package is good. Pay the amount in full to avoid distributed payment charges.

Some content

Cut the flab

Many policies are more comprehensive than you may need. Cut extra unecessary coverage and clauses. For instance, increase the deductibles.

Note: Make sure you understand the meaning of each item you exclude. Make sure you can still afford to repair or replace your car.

Extra drivers greatly increase premiums. Don't insure your children before they are licensed to drive.

Think ahead

Get insurance quotes for a car before you buy. Remember: luxury cars are linked to high repair or replace costs and thus increase insurance rates.

Drive safely

Many companies offer no-claims bonuses. It may be cheaper to repair minor damage to your car privately instead of claiming on your insurance.

Improving your driving record will lower your premiums. Install extra safety features where possible as these may reduce premiums as well.

Don't wait. Act Now!